Deconstruct Seattle, WA - Thursday & Friday, April 20-21 2017


Who should come to Deconstruct?

Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level, but beginners may find the talks difficult to follow as they assume an audience comfortable with everyday programming concepts and practices. Attendees should be comfortable with at least one programming language (meaning that they can program in it without having to consult syntax documentation). Knowing multiple languages, especially from different paradigms, is all the better.

What times should I be at the venue?

Presentations happen 9 AM - 5 PM both days (with 1.5 hours for lunch somewhere in there). The schedule is fluid right now since we don't know the full speaker lineup or how much time each speaker will take.

Check-in opens at 8 AM each day and we need to be completely out of the venue by 6 PM each day.

Don't forget the party at Optimism Brewery the first night of the conference!

Will you record the talks and post them somewhere?

Yes! We haven't figured out the specifics yet, but we'll keep you up to date.

Are you planning to live-stream the talks?

Not this year. We understand it is difficult (impossible?) for many people to travel to Seattle and we plan to figure this out.

Can I volunteer?

Sorry, we've got all the volunteers we need!

We want to sponsor your conference!

Too bad!


Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

No refunds. Sorry!

We'd be happy to transfer your ticket until April 13th, though. Just send us an email including the transferee's contact information. Note that we may not be able to print proper badges for transfers in April, but they'll definitely get in!

I registered, but can't make it. Can I defer my ticket until next year?

No, sorry. You can transfer your ticket to someone else, though!


Where is the conference?

The Egyptian Theatre, located at 805 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122

Is there an outlet at my seat?

No, sorry!

Are there gender-neutral facilities?

Gender-neutral restrooms are quickly spreading through Capitol Hill, but the Egyptian is an old building with old-style, gendered restrooms. (There's not even an employee restroom that we can make gender-neutral; we asked.) However, everyone should use the restroom of their choice.

Is the venue ADA-friendly?


Does the venue have luggage or coat-check?

No; it's a theater, not a conference center, so there's not a lot of extra space. However, hotels will allow you to leave luggage with them after checkout.


Where should I stay?

We have a 10% discount at the Silver Cloud three blocks from the venue. There are other hotels near the Egyptian as well. You might also want to check for Airbnbs near the Egyptian.


Anything I should know about the neighborhood?

See Wikipedia's Capitol Hill culture article, or the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

How do I get from the airport to Seattle? Do I need a rental car?

No rental car necessary. You can take the Link light rail from Sea-Tac airport. Trains leave every 6-10 minutes depending on time of day, and the last train leaves Sea-Tac airport around 12:49 AM. Take the northbound train toward the University of Washington (there's only one line). If you're staying at the Silver Cloud Hotel, get off at the Capitol Hill station, then walk south on Broadway for six blocks. If you're staying downtown, you probably want to get off at Westlake Station, which exits to 5th and Pine. Taxis, Ubers and Lyfts are also available at the airport.

Where should I go for coffee or beer?

Coffee: Victrola (six blocks) or, if you're in a rush, Caffe Vita (two blocks). Out of towners, take note: "short", "tall", "venti", "half caff", "skinny", and many other terms are Starbucksisms that are illegal in Seattle! You probably want an 8 oz Americano or latte.

Beer: Pine Box (six blocks) is roomy, with food and a diverse beer menu. Most of Seattle's local microbreweries are somewhat far from downtown, but you can find their beers on tap at many bars. Rainier is the local "just a beer".

Are breakfast or lunch provided?

Not this year.


Is there a party?

Yes. Check here for details.